A key aspect of social marketing is sustainability which is why the World Social Marketing Conference aims to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We aim to achieve this by:

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carbon forum
Marches Energy Agency

The Carbon Forum Team of the climate change charity Marches Energy Agency (MEA) will be calculating the total carbon footprint of this first event. MEA have over thirteen years experience of mitigating climate change and have worked with many communities and organisations, holding their hands through a process of firstly understanding their carbon footprint and then reducing it.

MEA will feedback at the end of the conference our total carbon footprint and what this means.

Climate change is one of the key challenges that faces us today. It is incumbent upon all of us to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Some CO2 emissions are unavoidable. Unless you are able to walk or cycle to the event from your home, you will be responsible for increasing CO2 emissions. We will be offsetting these emissions through MEA’s unique scheme – Light Fantastic. MEA does not plant trees to reduce CO2 emissions. MEA goes into communities and reduces their CO2 emissions through the provision of energy saving technologies.

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The Conference People
The Conference People
Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Triple Bottom Line
We believe that our commitment to the Triple Bottom Line - social responsibility, environmental soundness, and economic viability - makes good business sense, so we have made it a top priority.
At The Conference People, we take all our commitments very seriously, especially our commitment to people. We also take particular interest in the preservation and restoration of the global environment. We seek to minimise the ecological impact of the events we manage worldwide by minimising emissions and the consumption of energy and raw materials.

We work to continuously improve our social performance by integrating social, human rights and health and safety considerations into our daily business.

We work to continuously improve our environmental performance by setting high objectives and integrating sustainable processes into our daily business.

We work to continuously improve our financial performance by setting high objectives for growth whilst delivering competitive solutions to our clients.

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Hilton Brighton Metropole
Environmental Sustainability Policy

The Hilton Brighton Metropole recognises its environmental responsibility and is committed to improving its performance towards a sustainable future.

Hilton Brighton Metropole operates the following environmental sustainability practices:

  1. Recycle waste stream (paper) via SITA and Magpie Recycling.
  2. Energy saving lamps
  3. Hippos in cisterns and water restrictors on showers and taps
  4. Power perfector on incoming electrical mains (£100k investment)
  5. Energy and room temperature tracking
  6. Pool temperature tracking
  7. Re-cycling of paper in-house
  8. Printer cartridge recycling
  9. HER in-house environmental reporting tool on cost of lighting and heating by guest and room
  10. Team member induction pack on Hilton environmental policy

The Hilton Brighton Metropole is about to be a trial hotel for a sophisticated motion sensor installation in major function rooms to automatically turn lights off and on.

The Hotel is also part of the AEV sustainability working group looking at environmental matters and particularly working towards a BSI standard for a sustainable event management system.

Hilton International received an honourable award at the IH&RA Enviromental awards.

Hilton and Scandic Sweden became the first eco-labelled hotel chain with 68 Swan labelled hotels.

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